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Fred Swan Limited Edition Prints

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"Summer's Haven"
"An Evening Ride"
"Walking to Town"
"Friends in Autumn"
"Blue Moon"
"Summer Cottage"
"Winter Solstice"
"Home Before Dark"
"October Song"
"January Thaw"
"Blue Lamp"
"Barn Cat"
"Friends in Winter"
"Precious Days"
"April Twilight"
"Cottage Cove"
"Friends in Summer"
"Hillside Farm"
"Spring Gold"
"October Light"
"Sweet Season"
"Twilight Hour"

"Did you know a cat, or two, can be found in most of Fred Swan's painitngs? Sometimes you have to look very closely."

Some of the items offered here are retired, or Limited Editions. Some of these editions may be closed, or sold out by the maker, and subject to instock availability at Quicksilver. We make every effort to have on hand all of the items listed at this site, however with last-of-a-kind collectibles, this is not always possible. E-mail us for availability of any item.

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