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Andy Abeita is from the Isleta Pueblo in New Mexico. Andy creates the carvings, and his wife, Roberta (Navajo) applies the finishing touches which include the bundles and colorful macaw feathers. Measurements of these carvings include the bundle, but not the feathers.

Andy is a tireless advocate for handmade Native American crafts, and lectures extensively on the topic. He is active in Native American religious beliefs and ceremonies. A self taught stone carver, Andy's work is steeped in the tradition and culture of his ancestors. We are pleased to offer the following examples of his work here.
Carving: Bear - Serpentine
Artist: Andy & Roberta Abeita
Maker's Mark: Initialed
Size: 2.6" L x 1.8" H x .8" W
Price: $69.00

Carving: Frog - Unidentified tan stone with crystal inclusions
Artist: Andy & Roberta Abeita
Makers Mark: Yes
Size: 1 3/4" L x 1 3/8" H
Price: $46.00

Carving: Beaver - Picasso marble
Artist: Andy & Roberta Abeita (Isletta Pueblo)
Size: 2 1/4" L x 1 1/4" H x 1" W
Price: $39.00

Carving: Frog - Utah orange alabaster
Artist: Andy & Roberta Abeita
Size: 3 3/4"L x 2 1/4"H x 2 1/2"W
Price: $120.00

Carving: Mountain lion - grey alabaster
Artist: Andy & Roberta Abeita
Size: 2 1/4"L x 1 1/4"H x 3/4"W
Price: $36.00

Carving: Bear - brown serpentine
Artist: Andy & Roberta Abeita
Size: 1 3/4"L x 1 1/8"H
Price: $44.00

Carving: Frog - Serpentine
Artist: Andy & Roberta Abeita (Isleta Pueblo)
Size: 1 3/4"L x 1"H x 1"W
Price: $46.00
A cute little frog with a smiling face.

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