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To the Zuni people, there are six cardinal directions comprised of the four primary compass points, plus the upper region (sky) and the lower region (underground). Each region is represented by a specific color and by an animal that is designated as the guardian of that region. There are multiple varieties of directions sets. The most commonly seen and most often collected is the Healing & Protective set. Of primary concern to both the Zuni and fetish collectors alike are the health and well being of family and their homes.

A "Healing & Protective" set consisting of the following animals in their appropriate colors:
  • Yellow mountain lion - guardian of the North
  • Blue bear - guardian of the West
  • Red badger - guardian of the South
  • White wolf - guardian of the East (considered the most sacred direction)
  • Multi colored Eagle - guardian of the Upper region
  • Black mole - guardian of the Lower region

Another variation is the "Predator" or "Hunting" set. It is similar to the Healing set , being comprised of six animals, four of which are found in common with the Healing set. The two different predator animals are: Coyote, who replaces Bear in the West, and Bobcat who replaces Badger in the South. These six animals are believed to empower the hunter with the represented animals predation skills.

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